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You’re in high demand, recruiters are calling you daily about new opportunities, but do they really know what you need and want as an NP? We know Nurse Practitioners because we are Nurse Practitioners and have been on the same journey before.


The frustration of not really being taken seriously as leaders within the healthcare field. The  frustration of burnout to the point of compromising patient quality (how many patient’s case loads was I assigned…really?!) Oh, and how about not being paid your worth and expertise (what a slap in the face, right?!)


Unclear expectations, inadequate orientation,  inadequate support? Non-existent continuing education and non-competitive pay?


Listen, to us you’re not just a number or a placement. We respect you and your role within the healthcare industry and the value that you add. Here are just some of the ways we support you:

10 Ways Nurse Practitioners

reduce healthcare costs while improving quality

Attention Nurse Practitioners

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Looking For a Job?

Ready to be a part of a best-in-class health risk outsourcing and consulting group who believes in you and what you’re looking to accomplish? Today is your Day One. You have the ability to find and select the type of career you are looking for below and get on the right track today!


What sets us apart


1. Role Clarity & Transparent Expectations

As an expert and a leader in your field, you deserve first hand knowledge of what you will be doing – clarity. For some employers, expecting NPs to exceed 40 hours a week is standard practice. Here at Ally OCG, we do our best to provide you with clear and transparent expectations about the facility, work, and patient load before you accept the job, so you can walk in the door DAY ONE with clear expectations.

2. Orientation, Support, and Continuing Education

We want to keep you current and support you along the way! Why? Because we have found those NPs who receive support and adequate training results in career advancement, improved job performance and leads to innovation.

3. Job Flexibility

Show your clinical diversity while building your portfolio and increasing your network. Job flexibility  allows NPs like you to be in the driver’s seat and have more control and create working conditions that suit you. This helps maintain a work / life balance and can help clients improve the productivity and efficiency of their business. A win-win! Feel confident knowing we will always ensure you’re assigned to jobs that fit your diverse background. Work one job or more than one, we have the quality assignments that you will enjoy and keep you busy.

4. Competitive Pay

We care about you! This is not lip service! And what better way to show our care than through putting our money where our mouth is. Speak to us today and let us show you how on average we compensate 10% above our competitors.