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About Ally OCG


Ally OCG offers a broad range of solutions that provide innovative targeting and engagement strategies across your member populations. These solutions offer increased healthcare access and improved outcomes to optimize your plan’s performance. Ally OCG has the clinical knowledge necessary to assist health plans and healthcare organization in connecting with the right nurse practitioners who are experts in improving health outcomes.


We partner with member health plans and healthcare organizations to deliver care in places convenient to you member such as  a member’s home or  a mobile health clinic. Because of our clinical expertise, Ally OCG is able to support an array of medical and healthcare organizations whose focus is on disease surveillance, population health management, coding and risk adjustment.


We are extremely professional yet personable and able to customize services that most fit your organization’s specific needs.


Put our 40+ years of experience to work. Let’s talk.

Who We Are:

Ally Outsourcing and Consulting Group is the country’s leading provider of health risk assessments, Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) risk adjustment, HCC coding, and transition in care services.


We provide expert nurse practitioner clinician recruitment and staffing solutions to assist clients with improving healthier outcomes to the patients they serve.


In addition, our nurse practitioner consulting group provides quality care to patients in various settings including: homes, apartments, hotels, workplaces and senior resident/assisted living facilities. Our provider network have the clinical expertise to assist our clients in helping their patients have healthier outcomes.

What We Do:

Ally Outsourcing and Consulting Group provides our clients with Nurse Practitioners and health risk assessment experts who are leaders in their field. Our network of Nurse Practitioners possess the clinical expertise and knowledge to align with companies healthier outcomes vision. We understand the importance of having clinicians who utilize evidenced based research in practice.

Our Purpose:

Better Information, Better Outcomes

Align with our clients vision to improve patient outcomes

Improve patient outcomes through the utilization of NP experts

Engaging patients through health literacy

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is simple, Keeping patients healthier at home and improving patient outcomes.” Our Vision is to be the largest nurse-practitioner outsourcing and consulting group focused on health risk assessments and healthier patient outcomes.


  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Compassion
  • Strong Patient-Provider Relationships
  • Evidenced-Based Practice
  • Promoting Healthier Outcomes

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